Advisory Services

In a dynamic business landscape, the right advice makes all the difference. From identifying and dealing with complicated issues to defining your goals, your company’s success and profitability depend on smart strategies from trusted advisors that take into account the full range of challenges to your business and your industry.

At Riverdale Professional Services, we’ll help you navigate the path to greater success with the support of business consulting services based on experience, knowledge and vigilance. Our business consulting team has the expertise and commitment to help lead you where you want to go, both in the immediate future and on long terms, with a full range of services including:

  • Restructuring, transition and succession planning
  • Retirement assessment and planning
  • Forensic accounting support
  • Accounting software selection and implementation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Pre-purchase or pre-sale analysis
  • Transaction support
  • Ongoing financial guidance

Transition Planning

Transition planning can be useful at many points in the life of a person or business. Riverdale Professional Services specialises in several types of transition planning to help you better prepare for the transitions in your life.

Strategic Planning

With strategic planning, we can help your business plan for the future. We facilitate planning sessions with owners and key management, and then we work with staff to implement the plan. We can also serve as a catalyst for plan accountability. We believe there is no business too small to benefit from strategic planning. We help you plan your future, and then you make it happen!

Mergers, acquisitions, and divestures

Our clients engage us for various phases of the mergers and acquisitions process. First, our team members conduct due diligence on the potential acquisition, and when a not-for-all-cash deal is considered, we conduct due diligence on the acquirer. We also strategize with our clients and attorneys regarding valuation and measurements to use in an earn-out situation. We advise buyers and sellers of the tax opportunities regarding purchase price allocation. In the covenants and warrantees area of agreements, we work with our clients and their attorneys to ensure they are not warranting something that is not valid or warrantable. We also let our clients know when it’s not in their best interests to close a deal. In those cases, we help our clients understand why we advise them to walk away.

Please contact any of our partners or managers at 01-8436125, for an individual analysis of your goals and to discuss how we can help your business meet them.

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